Nicki Minaj Reveals Trailer for Upcoming Six-Part Documentary ‘Nicki’

Nicki Minaj reveals a six-part documentary series about her career titled Nicki which she notes is “coming soon.”

Produced by the Canadian company Bron Studios, the “Nicki” trailer starts with a clip of a young Minaj rapping and reflecting on her early come-up. She says, “Female rappers weren’t really charting at the time. I’m fighting for the girls who never thought they could win.”

She also gets candid about having to “medicate” herself to get through the lows of a career in a male-dominated industry as a female rapper.

“When you are just focused on the business, you can lose yourself,” she says before adding “It was time for me to grow up and start loving myself.” The trailer also displays clips of Minaj with her husband Kenneth Petty as she discusses the moment she “became the strongest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Minaj also uploaded the trailer on Instagram and added: “Coming out SOONER THANK YOU THINK. I took some time to perfect this very intimate, delicate, electrifying, inspiring body of work. As I decide on a home for this project, I can’t help but reflect on what I’m including in this doc. Some things are so personal, it’s scary. It’s like NOTHING you’ve seen before & I need it to be handled with care. Love you so much. Thank you for the continued support.”

Check the trailer below more details to follow.

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