SAINt JHN teamed up with Kiva Confections to release Edible

SAINt JHN teamed up Kiva Confections to release second phase of limited-edition collection of Lost Farm Edibles. The latest release Blood Orange Lost Farm Live Resin Chews.

Layered with natural flavors of tart, the berry-like blood orange flavors and chews are balanced with the earthiness of the Chem Dog strain.

“Edibles are a part of my daily lifestyle. Whether I’m listening to the music I just made, creating in the studio, and definitely right after a live show.  When I was first introduced to Lost Farm a couple years back, they’ve been my go-to products for everything. I even make sure my day-to-day team keeps a pack of Lost Farm gummies and chews on them just in case I forget my stash at home. They pack a punch and I love the richer, stronger elevation that you get from the strain-specific live resin,” said musician SAINt JHN. “Getting the opportunity to create something of my own with a brand I’ve admired for so long has been everything I’d hoped for.”

“SAINt JHN has been a passionate fan of Lost Farm gummies & chews since the brand’s launch,” Rebecca Nelson, creative director at Kiva Brands, said in a statement. “Together we’ve been able to build off SAINt’s natural affection for Lost Farm, showing just how much cannabis edibles & Lost Farm play a role in his art and music creation. For the second launch, Kiva’s innovation and R&D teams created the Lost Farm Blood Orange x Chem Dog Chews while maintaining the integrity of the full-spectrum, strain-specific live resin throughout the infusion process. SAINt chose the strain, Chem Dog, and together, we’ve created a plant-based, fruit-flavored edible bursting with flavor for an unparalleled full-spectrum experience that consumers know and love.”

The line will only be available in select California dispensaries. Each gummy contains 10MG of THC for a total of 100 mg per container.

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