Ice Cube Partners With Green Mountain Coffee Roasters For ‘Ice Cube Summer Fridays’

Ice Cube has partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in promotion of its Brew Over Ice coffee.

In a recent interview with VIBE, Cube discussed how the opportunity came about. “Well, I think it’s a match made in heaven. You’ve got Green Mountain Coffee Roasters officially kicking off summer Fridays, right? Everybody know Friday is my favorite day of the week. Brewed over ice! Got your boy Ice Cube, brewed over ice. It’s perfect. And I gets down, you know. Vanilla Caramel is my favorite flavor. It’s a product that I use so it just made perfect sense to hook up,” said the rapper.

If you think that making iced coffee is simply pouring some hot coffee over ice, that’s not the case. The key is having coffee with the perfect concentration that doesn’t get watered down by the ice. Enter the Green Mountain Coffee Brew Over Ice K-Cups, which are made with cold beverages in mind. Check it out during your next online purchase.

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