Trae Tha Truth Donates Supplies to Mississippi Families Suffering From Water Crisis

Trae The Truth and his nonprofit, Relief Gang delivered water filters, groceries, and enough supplies to “support up to 50 families” according to TMZ.

“Me and my team, you know, we went out there with filters,” Trae told Houston’s KPRC-TV .“Filters don’t necessarily make it the safest. But it puts them in a better standpoint than where they were. We went out there, we blessed hundreds of families with water filters where they can actually have kids brush their teeth and have drinkable water. We actually took, I could say, anywhere close to 50 families shopping for groceries and those supplies.”

“[They’re] definitely grateful because, you know, just the fact of knowing somebody can be out there that even take the time to understand their situation,” Trae said about the families. “Something that I found out that a lot of us didn’t know is this has been going on since the 80s and 90s out there. So, you know, we think it has been happening for two weeks not knowing it’s been almost two decades that they have had pure water.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched an investigation into the Jackson water crisis. Jackon’s 150,000 residents are suffering due to the lack of usable water, as the city remains under a boil-water advisory.


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