Snoop Dogg Launches Death Row Cannabis Brand

Snopp Dogg will launch Death Row Cannabis, the upcoming branded pre-roll joints will be released this month.

“Promising to return Death Row to its former glory, all elements of the former label are being refitted for today’s audience and their evolving tastes,” Death Row Cannabis writes in a press release.

The packaging is an iridescent silver with gold accents, and it will showcase a redesigned version of the brand’s prisoner logo, but with one major difference— the left hand is free, holding a joint.

Aside from Snoop Dogg, other prominent figures involved with the brand include West Coast legacy cultivator AK, who’s behind SMKRS and the VP of Cultivation for TRP LLC, who owns a majority of the Cookies stores across the nation.

Death Row Cannabis is set in January. Cookies California stores are set to carry the brand first before it expands to other locations and states.


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