Black Thought Shares ‘Love Letter to Hip-Hop’ for Its 50th Anniversary

Black Thought shared his love letter to hip-hop as a part of BET’s 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop programming.

In the four-and-a-half minute spoken word directed by Benny Boom, the Roots rapper lays out a comprehensive history detailing hip-hop culture’s impact in multiple categories including dance, art, music and fashion across the globe.

Black Thought pays homage to cultural pillars such as Grandmaster Flash, first female rapper Sha-Rock and hip-hop “godmother” Sylvia Robinson, in addition to fashion architects Dapper Dan and June Ambrose.

“From here looking back, I say we did it, we made it, they hate it and said we were over and gone. I feel it’s the move to say we proved all of them wrong,” Black Thought raps. “Fifty years down the line we could spark this, my eternal beloved hip-hop is where our hearts live.”

Press play to hear the dedication.

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