Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners Invest in LIT Method An At-Home Fitness Company

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Marcy Venture Partners cofounded by Jay-Z, Jay Brown and Larry Marcus has invested in LIT Method an at home fitness company.

LIT Method, founded by Justin and Taylor Norris, specializes in low impact, high-intensity training using their Strength Machine.

The machine is an all-in-one water rower, Pilates reformer, and resistance band training system that offers more than 500 low-impact exercises including rowing, barre, strength training, physical therapy, and Pilates, according to the company.

The financial terms of MVP’s investment in LIT Method were not disclosed.

In a statement from MVP’s Larry Marcus he said that the firm’s investment in LIT Method falls in line with its record of funding accessibility within the health and wellness sector.

“Justin and Taylor are tenacious and adaptive entrepreneurs with so much drive and passion,” the statement reads. “Their engaging content, motivating style, and innovative equipment are a winning combination.”

Check out the interview with the founders of LIT Method below.

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