Ciara Partners With Brand Ten To One Rum as an Investor and Co-owner

Ciara Becomes An Investor And Co-Owner Of Ten To One Rum

Ciara partners with Ten To One Rum and joins Trinidad-born founder and CEO Marc Farrell as an investor, co-owner and director for the brand.

According to a press release, Ciara, who was first introduced to Ten To One through mutual friends of hers and Farrell’s, found a kindred spirit in the entrepreneur, whose mission to reinvigorate the rum category deeply resonated with her drive to continuously challenge the status quo in her own endeavors. Inspired by their shared values and a mutual sense of community, optimism and spontaneity, the duo saw a unique opportunity to come together to introduce a new generation of consumers to the dynamism and versatility of rum.

 “Not only is the product exceptional, but Marc has helped the brand establish a clear and authentic point of view. I knew immediately that I had to get involved!” Ciara added, “I couldn’t be more excited to help the brand build on its amazing foundation, and invite new audiences to rediscover their love for rum through Ten To One.”

As an active owner and partner for Ten To One, Ciara will be directly involved in amplifying the brand’s commitment to reshaping the conversation around rum. With a focus on marketing, creative, business development and strategic partnerships, she will work closely with Farrell to bring his vision for an inclusive and inspired spirit to new communities where she has forged meaningful connections.

Ten To One is available online for national shipping click here and drink responsibly.

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