Killer Mike Featured in Cadillac’s Escalade V Campaign

Cadillac and Atlanta-based rapper and activist Killer Mike have partnered for a video and social media campaign to reveal the automaker’s newest vehicle, the 2023 Escalade-V.

The campaign titled “Black Future, was directed by Atlanta-based Spike Jordan. The spot aims to “celebrate bold, brilliant and bespoke musical pioneers and innovators,” per the automaker.

In addition to featuring the Escalade-V, the ad showcases two groundbreaking NFT artists: 13 year old Nyla Hayes and Nick Davis. It includes the voiceover: “The world is your instrument, play it your way” and the tagline “Be Iconic.”

Profits from the “Black Future” campaign will go to Save The Music Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on rebuilding music education in America’s public schools as well as raising awareness of the impact it has on children. 

Killer Mike tells The Root his involvement was natural, as Black people have a special connection with the luxury brand. “During Jim Crow segregation, independent dealers didn’t always sell directly to Black people. Cadillac eventually decides this policy doesn’t make any sense. Black people essentially take this brand from where it is through the Milky Way.

It explodes because you’re not limited in what you can buy. I never was like ‘I’m going to get me a Cadillac’ until I heard Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Being a guy that was once signed by Outkast–and am still very good friends with one of them today–this brand has been a part of my existence. I’ve seen Cadillacs driven my whole life, but now as a Cadillac driver on a daily basis, I just gotta tell you–I’m totally a fan of it as a car guy.”

Check out the commercial below.


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