Keke Palmer Partners with Meta to Explain the Metaverse

Meta enlisted Keke Palmer to host “Are We There Yet?” — a video series that offers a closer look into what exactly the metaverse is and explores the “boundless possibilities” of the tech giant’s VR platforms.

The Meta-sponsored series, Palmer explains, is a “road trip into the metaverse” in which she “chat[s] with the most interesting creators, educators and experts to find out where the metaverse stands now — and what’s coming in the future.”

Meta’s vice president of the metaverse, Vishal Shah, took a virtual ride with Palmer to explain what exactly the metaverse looks like today. 

“I think the simplest way of thinking about it is, the metaverse is the next phase of the internet,” Shah said. “And the main difference between the internet we use today and the next phase is that we can feel like we are there with other people in a way we can’t feel in our digital experiences today. We are going to see things around us and touch things with our hands.” The metaverse generally signifies a new stage of the internet, with an increased reliance on virtual and augmented reality, where people will gather, work and play.

Watch the episode below.

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