French Montana Launches Addiction Treatment NAQI Healthcare in Joint Venture

French Montana partners with Guardian Recovery Group to form NAQI Healthcare which aims at expanding access to in-home and private detox services to privacy-sensitive clients.

Trusted partner Guardian Recovery Network, a national behavioral health provider known for leading the treatment industry, brings renowned clinical and medical expertise to the NAQI experience. The detoxification services will be available for clients in Florida, New York, Texas, and California, with plans on the horizon to expand program access to clients across the country.After seeing too many of his friends and peers lost to addiction, French knew something had to change. “I’ve seen many of us artists’ struggle,” stated French in a press release. “The music industry is no joke, it lifts a lot of us up, but it can tear you down just as fast. When I lost my good friend Mac Miller to addiction it was devastating to all of us. I only wish he had access to services like NAQI before it was too late.”

Josh Scott, CEO of Guardian Recovery Network, explains, “Over the years, the traditional solution to medical detox has always been hospital or facility based. But how do we treat someone under the scrutiny of the public spotlight? How do they get help? The initial answer from the treatment industry was high-end treatment centers focused on anonymity and discretion where recovering in privacy was a priority. While these centers did a better job than most at shielding a recognized person from the press, there was still the issue of other individual clients of that program or even staff coming face-to-face with their favorite artist or celebrity. We have all seen these unfortunate privacy breaches in the media. Then French [Montana] walked me through his vision of how things could be different. His energy and desire for change were undeniable. This was the beginning of NAQI Healthcare.”

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