Kelly Rowland Star In Netflix Film ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’

Kelly Rowland and Marlon Wayans star as a married couple in the upcoming Netflix film The Curse Of Bridge Hollow.

In the trailer, the family moves from Brooklyn to a small town named Bridge Hollow. The couple’s teenage daughter played by Priah Ferguson is apprehensive about the move and is encouraged by her on-screen parents to stay open-minded.

“Give Bridge Hollow a chance. Small towns can be full of surprises,” she’s encouraged, as the scene transitions to an eager teen excited by the town’s Halloween decor.

The daughter later finds out that their new home is haunted and an old lantern found in the house causes all the town’s Halloween decorations to come to life and wreak havoc.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow streams exclusively on Netflix on October 14th check the trailer below.

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