Lil Wayne To Be Honored with National Museum of African American Music Exhibit

Lil Wayne will be honored by the National Museum of African American Music with his own exhibit.

According to the official press release, the NMAAM in Nashville will host an event for students to engage with artifacts provided by Weezy. Attendees will see items such as the rapper’s Rap Album of the Year Grammy, BET “I Am Hip-Hop” Award, his handwritten letter from Rikers Island, and an original Tha Block Is Hot CD.

There will be an interactive engagement where students can record themselves reciting Lil Wayne’s lyrics in the NMAAM’s Rap Booth.

Attendees will hear live-streamed lectures which will focus on Lil Wayne’s storied career delivered by professors Dr. Gillum Sharpley, Associate Chair of African American & Diaspora Studies, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Centennial Chair and University Distinguished Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies, as part of special topics in Humanities, Dr. King to Lil Wayne.

“I’m very grateful to work with NMAAM and show students how Hip-Hop has been so influential on the culture,” Lil Wayne expressed. “Shout out to NMAAM for all the birthday love.”

H. Beecher Hicks III, president & CEO of NMAAM, expressed the desire to open the exhibit as a way to celebrate the accomplished artist on his 40th birthday.

“We are thrilled to honor and feature Lil Wayne and start our relationship with such a generous donation,” Hicks said. “On the heels of Mr. Carter expressing his interest in partnering with us, we found out that ten years ago, he became the first male artist to surpass Elvis Presley with the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100, with 109 songs.”

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