Pharrell’s New Auction House platform JOOPITER to Sell 52 Personal Artifacts

Pharrell Williams is launching a new auction house platform, JOOPITER where he will be auctioning off 52 personal artifacts.

“The idea behind JOOPITER is to embrace the energy that is released when objects change hands, and to respect the value that’s been created around these objects,” Pharrell said in a press release. “JOOPITER is a new platform for myself and for my fellow curators, one where existing and future generations of collectors can feel welcome to take part in this exchange.”

Founded by Pharrell the platform’s first auction is titled ‘Son of a Pharaoh’ and consists of a range of iconic and familiar pieces, including the “Women’s Rights” motorcycle jacket, a Jacob & Co. N.E.R.D. brain pendant and chain circa 2004, an 18K yellow gold-encased BlackBerry circa 2006, a Princess Anne High School letterman jacket, and more.

Son of a Pharaoh will be available for public viewing by appointment at a special auction preview in New York on October 14 & 15. Proceeds from JOOPITER sales will go towards advancing Black Ambition’s work to benefit Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.

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