Mary J. Blige To Release Debut Children’s Book, ‘Mary Can!’

Mary J. Blige is releasing her own children’s book, Mary Can!, which is scheduled to officially hit shelves on March 28, 2023.

“Mary Can! is an inspirational and motivating story about a young girl who proves that anyone can make their dreams come true if they just believe in themselves,” she wrote on her Instagram caption. “It’s such a personal story for me, based off my own experiences as a child and even as an adult. I was so used to people telling me ‘no’ and that I ‘couldn’t’ which only motivated me more. My hope with this book is that it instills in kids from an early age that they can do anything they aspire to do. There are no limits to what they can accomplish!”

The book is illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin and published by HarperCollins Publishers. To pre-order the book go to HarperCollins website.

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