Saweetie’s Icy Baby Foundation Announces Youth Financial Literacy Program

Saweetie has created a youth financial literacy program with her grandmother Roxane Harper through her Icy Baby Foundation to specifically empower Black and Brown youth through education and cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets within underserved communities.

“The long-term goal for the Icy Baby Foundation is to increase financial literacy amongst kids and propel them to brighter futures. My grandmother and I have worked on this for a few years so it’s exciting to finally implement this course and program for young people” expressed the Grammy Award-nominated rapper.

Youth aged 7-17 years old are eligible to participate in the six-week program and receive a funded debit card, educational resources, and information about saving, budgeting, and financial planning. The program officially launches in January 2023.

Watch the ABC News segment of the launch in the clip above.

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