Drake’s Custom 42 Diamond Necklace by Alex Moss Commemorates All the Times He Thought of Proposing

Drake has enlisted Alex Moss New York to design a new iced-out chain to commemorate the 42 times he almost proposed.

The piece was posted to the designer’s Instagram page to show off the dazzling diamond necklace. ‘Previous Engagements’ has 42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds.

In a statement to E! News Moss shared how long it took to create the piece, “The entire project took 14 months to complete top to bottom, and was built by hand in New York City. It was made using 18k white gold, and was set using the eagle claw technique.” He continued, “No other details can be disclosed, other than the fact that this is the most insane chain ever made.” In the Instagram Reels’ video, the voiceover can be heard calling the necklace “a true wonder of the jewelry world” and a “monumental art piece.”

Take a look at the stunning “Previous Engagements” piece below.


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