E-40’s Goon With The Spoon Launches Chicken & Waffles Flavored Ice Cream

E-40 has unveiled a new flavor for his Goon With The Spoon ice cream brand, Chicken & Waffles.

The new soul food line is in collaboration with Flock Chicken Chips to ensure the ice cream has a deliciously crispy topping which flavor is described as a delicious combination of restaurant-style waffles, maple syrup, and brown butter.

“I’ve always wanted to create a food brand that reflects diversity and culture, so I’m truly proud to unveil my Soul Food line and my new Chicken & Waffles ice cream flavor,” he expressed in an official statement.

“Culinary arts is my passion, and, as a Black entrepreneur with a prominent platform, I’m committed to doing my part to bring the worlds of food, culture, and entertainment together like never before.”

The brand also offers six different flavored ice cream.  

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