Snoop Dogg Partners with Funko Pop! for Tha Dogg House Collection and In-Store Experience

Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Funko Pop! for a new collaboration featuring exclusive figurines of the West Coast rap legend.

Tha Dogg House collection captures the many different sides of Tha Doggfather, five Funko Pop! figurines will depict Snoop in various outfits, including the jerseys of his favorite sports teams — the Los Angeles Lakers and Pittsburgh Steelers — pimp-inspired threads and a plaid shirt-and-Chuck Taylors combo reminiscent of his style in the early ’90s.

Each item is valued at $15 and will be available exclusively at Funko’s Tha Dogg House pop-up store in Inglewood, California.

If you’re looking to make a in store purchase, check out the experience below. Check out the online store here.

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