Lil Baby x Rockstar Energy Super Bowl Commerical


Rockstar Energy partners with Lil Baby in their first Super Bowl ad. The premise of the commercial speaks to the hustle mentality and the call to action of “Hustle on” while being fueled by the energy drink.

In the ad Lil Baby shares his journey of how he had to grind to shine, the spotlight catches those around him who also are on their path to stardom, including Rockstar Energy pro skateboarder Chris Joslin, and gaming icon and 100 Thieves founder and CEO, Nadeshot. The spot also features emerging cultural influencers and local heroes – including a barber, tattoo artist, and first responder – showing the importance of hustle at all levels.

“When Rockstar approached me about this Super Bowl ad, I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of it,” said Lil Baby. “It’s all about the hard work and hustle that it takes to succeed. Some people think I had instant success, but they don’t understand how hard I worked. I know what it’s like to fall flat and how it feels when your energy is tapped. I still hustle every day to make my music and share it with my fans. Rockstar Energy helps me do that.”

The “Spotlight” television commercial marks a pivotal moment for Rockstar Energy, which was acquired by PepsiCo last year as it expands in the global, fast-growing energy category. The company will begin to incorporate music, gaming, and sports partnerships into their brand, firmly cementing their position as a digital brand.



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