Tee Grizzley Joins Gaming Lifestyle Brand XSET And Helps Former Inmates In The Process

Tee Grizzley has partnered with XSET, the fastest growing gaming organization/lifestyle brand in operation.

Grizzley and XSET are providing personal consoles to ex-inmates that are looking to create a positive change in their life and invite them to play in his Grand Theft Auto Role-playing server, Grizzley World RP. The idea most likely stemmed from Grizzley gifting a PC to his homie that was recently released from jail and had to spend time on house arrest. That man is now a full-time gamer/streamer from the generosity that Grizz’ bestowed on him.

“I’m excited to join XSET and take Grizzley Gang Gaming to the next level” said Grizzley. “I’ve always loved gaming for fun, but now it’s so much more than that. I’ve seen how this industry can really change lives and I can’t wait to provide more opportunities for people who have faced similar challenges and adversities as I have.”

“XSet is about pushing boundaries and redefining the world of gaming,” said XSET CBDO and co-founder Clinton Sparks. “We are excited to welcome Tee Grizzley to the set to help give a second chance to those who need one, as well as continuing to introduce gaming to those unfamiliar with the opportunities it provides. XSET is building the world’s greatest culture club and Tee with his music, gaming and entrepreneurial spirit is an amazing representation of what that means.”

The partnership comes with the first of three installments of Tee Grizzley x XSET merchandise. Within Tee Grizzley’s GTA server the branded gear will be in the store section and available for purchase  while in Grizzley World RP. The proceeds from the sales of the first installment of t-shirts will be used for giving personal consoles to ex-incarcerated inmates who have a passion for gaming and are looking to have a fresh start at life.

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