Lil Baby Partners with Axe To Curate Limited Edition Products and Stars in New Commercial

Lil Baby and Axe have partnered to curate limited edition products to stay fresh in this excruciating heatwave. In addition, the hip hop star will be featured in a new commercial for the brand’s “Fresh as Fr*sh” campaign.

The limited-edition “WHAXE” pack, which will include limited-edition WHAXE Apollo x Lil Baby deodorant, body wash, a four-finger “WHAXE” ring reminiscent of the one seen in the actual ad and a WHAXE branded toothbrush. The term “WHAXE” is a blend of the rapper’s nickname “Wham” and Axe’s social nickname, “WXE.”

The 30-second spot created by The Martin Agency, follows a man that prepares for a day of play in scorching heat. While the rest of the block navigates the summer’s sweltering impact, the man, now joined by Lil Baby and a pack of adorable cartoon bunnies, enjoys Axe’s lauded 48-hour sweat protection. In fact, he’s feeling so carefree that he is soon seen floating to a rooftop party where he and a woman mutually catch each other’s attention.

“It’s not every day you find out an award-winning megastar like Lil Baby uses Axe to help boost his absolute freshness on stage and in his everyday life,” Caroline Gregory, Axe’s global brand director, told Adweek. “We’re huge fans of his so we’re excited to partner with him in our new ‘Fresh as Fr*sh’ campaign to demonstrate the power of Axe.”

Check out the ad below.


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