Lil Baby and AXE Release Anime Grooming Series

Lil Baby rejoins men’s grooming brand AXE for Fall/Winter 2022 campaign in a new anime video series.

AXE creatively documented various stages of the rappers life where he felt empowered by being fresh. The short video series showcases animated scenarios of the rapper’s childhood – and present-day success – with his voiceover and details his first association with the brand.

As a fan of Japanese animation, Lil Baby says: “I’ve always been a big fan of anime. So having AXE turn some of my intimate memories and thoughts into an animated mini-series is kind of surreal, and I hope fans enjoy it as much as I did.”

“Smelling fresh makes me feel fresh. When I feel fresh, I feel like my mind is more clear – I feel like I can focus on the task better,” he adds.

Lil Baby’s three anime shorts are titled “Cool Ocean,” “Phoenix” and “Apollo,” and are based on AXE’s three new scents available now on the brand’s website. Check the series below.


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