Lil Baby Is The Fragrance G.O.A.T. in New Axe Commercial

Lil Baby partners with Axe to launch a new campaign titled “The Fine Fragrance G.O.A.T.”. The effort is meant to promote the brand’s premium line of body spray.

The 30 second ad features the rapper’s song “Drip Too Hard” as the theme music for the spot which was directed by Mike Diva and taps into themes like gaming and anime.

The campaign, made with The Martin Agency, is the latest by Axe meant to promote its premium fragrance line and sees the brand targeting Gen Z as it looks to tap into the obtainable luxury marketplace.

The Fine Fragrance Collection, made up of five new fragrances, pushes back against the traditional costs associated with luxury, pricing the products at $5 to $7 per bottle.

To reach the audience while pushing affordability, Axe conducted a study that pitted Axe fragrances against premium brands like Chanel and Ralph Lauren in a blind smell test, finding that 73% of those surveyed said they would replace their current cologne with an Axe Fine Fragrance.

The “Fragrance G.O.A.T.” campaign is Lil Baby’s second with the company. Last year the rapper appeared in its “Fresh as Fr*sh” campaign.

Check out the new ad below.

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