Diddy surprises students at Bronx charter school he co-founded

Diddy showed up unannounced at Capital Prep Bronx Charter School, which he helped co-found.

The charter school officially opened during the pandemic in 2020 after Diddy donated $1 million, the Bronx Times reported.

Currently, there are four Capital Prep campuses – two in New York and two in Connecticut. Diddy serves as an adviser and financial supporter of the institution.

According to the Capital Preparatory Schools website, the entire school system was founded by Dr. Steve Perry to close the educational gap by providing quality learning opportunities to youth in less-privileged neighborhoods.

Diddy says he also wanted to create a place where kids of color would get the support and guidance they needed to succeed.

“It was something that was always a dream for me and a passion, and I’m just blessed that it was able to happen. I think it’s having an impact. I mean, not I think, I know it’s definitely having an impact on the community, so it’s a dream come true,” Combs said to CBS news.

School officials say they have a 100% success rate with college admittance. Check out the video below.

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