adidas Confirms It Will Use YEEZY Designs Despite Ending Partnership With Ye

During adidas third-quarter earnings call the popular sportswear giant confirmed that it has every intention of selling YEEZY-designed products, without the YEEZY branding.

Harm Ohlmeyer the company’s chief financial officer stated that adidas owns all of the IP, colorways and designs related to adidas-YEEZY products aside from the YEEZY moniker, so the decision comes as no surprise.

The CFO also relayed that the brand expects to save about $301 million in 2023 in royalty and marketing payments that would’ve been paid to Ye and the YEEZY company. Ohlmeyer confirmed that consumers can likely expect to see these products like the 350s700s500sFOAM RNNRS to be release as early as 2023 just without the YEEZY logo.

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