50 Cent And Remy Martin Moving Towards Settlement Over Branson Cognac Bottle

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s Sire Spirits and Remy Martin are reportedly moving towards settling their legal dispute over alleged copyright infringement.

According to Reuters, E. Remy Martin & Co sued the Queens rapper and entrepreneur in a Manhattan court. Remy Martin reportedly deemed the Branson bottle as a “blatant attempt” to copy it’s X.O. silhouette. The Branson design has been described as “nearly indistinguishable” from Remy Martin’s bottle, the complaint states. Remy also called it a “near exact reproduction.”

Sire Spirits’ legal team debunked Remy’s claims, stating that the bottle’s design is “simply too basic to be locked up by any single company.” Attorney Reena Jain stated: “No brand or company has the right to exclude others from making or selling curved bottle for Cognac or other alcohol. Nonetheless, Remy Martin is on a mission to eliminate Sire Spirits from the Cognac market.”

Branson launched in 2018 and began selling the XO cognac bottle in 2020. Remy Martin, who’s been selling their X.O. cognac since 1981, stood by their bottle’s legacy, stating that the brand worked hard to reach success through “extensive advertising, promotion, and sales over the past 35 years.”

Although similar in looks, the Power boss denied replicating Remy’s XO bottle early on. “They are afraid of me already,” he wrote in a since deleted Instagram post. “Branson Cognac is the new wave. REMY is #2 Behind Henny and worried about Branson SMH I’m just getting started.”

50’s Sire Spirits have announced several sports partnerships last year with the NBA’s Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings and NFL’s Houston Texans

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