Quavo Releases New Song “Greatness”

Quavo took to Instagram to announce his new solo song “Greatness”. He unveils the official cover art as well as a featuring the caption, “Countdown to Greatness” and the tag “ForTake.”

The album art shows Quavo sitting in front of a collection of platinum plaques. The visuals shows footage of Grammy weekend, a game of basketball with celebrity friends while he flaunts his iced-out jewelry and luxury car collection.

He continues to rap about his grieving process in regard to the passing of Take Off, “Tryin’ to move forward, but I don’t got all the answers. I know I can’t look backward, that’s dangerous/I had to go read the bible and take a few pages.”

“Never forget that the Migos amazin’,” the 31-year-old raps. Despite acknowledging his former group, Quavo makes it clear in his new track that his future is looking solo. He explains within his first verse, “so don’t ask about the group, he gone, we gone, young n*gga, it can’t come back (damn).”

Press play to listen to “Greatness”.


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