Metro Boomin featured in Budweiser Super Bowl LVII Commercial

Metro Boomin is partnering with Budweiser for Super Bowl LVII. The hip-hop super producer will be featured in the beer company’s “Six Degrees of Budweiser” commercial airing during the big game.

The spot will kick off a new focus for the brand by reaching a younger audience and depicting authentic, first-hand experiences that shows the importance of human connection, determination and the American spirit.

The commercial, narrated by Kevin Bacon, is Budweiser’s interpretation of the idea that everyone can be traced by six degrees of separation. From Metro to a local food truck owner and construction worker, each individual is connected by their determination, spirit and a six-pack of Budweiser, which is passed from person-to-person until one beer remains. The final beer is then offered to the viewer, hence “this Bud’s for you.”

“Budweiser being in St. Louis and me being born and raised in St. Louis and always representing and speaking out for [the city], I saw it as a golden opportunity,” he told Billboard. “A lot of my closest friends growing up, some of my family and everybody like… Bud’s always been around. I remember going to the Anheuser-Busch factory, we had a field trip there when I was a kid. That just goes to show you how big of an impact Budweiser has always had on the whole city, even from the original Busch Stadium.”

Check out the ad below.

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