Alicia Keys Named First Female Partner for Hennessy’s Paradis

Alicia Keys is the first female partner to be the face of Hennessy Paradis in a new global campaign for the French cognac brand.

“Man, I honestly think that is no better time than now,” she said of hearing the news. “It is the age of women. It is the age and time of really uplifting and understanding the power of women — the power that we have to create, the power that we have to be the bosses of our businesses, the heads of our tables, the heads of boardrooms, the heads of companies, the heads of our families, the heads of the government and planning and changing the world as we know that it is best for the direction to go in a positive way. It is all about honoring women, and I feel like we will be able to balance out so much when we really honor the power of women” Alicia stated to WWD.

The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist is also joined by Chinese pianist Lang Lang in the campaign. The two legendary musicians come together in unity to blend their unique notes and cultures for Paradis’ most blissful moment yet stated on an Instagram post the viral moment is capture below to view.⁣

“He’s already been a partner with Paradis for a little while,” explained Keys. “And so, I think he was the one who suggested there could be a beautiful partnership with both of us. I loved the idea, especially with both of us as classically trained pianists and artists, but from two different sides of the world and just really representing the diversity and beauty of music harmony, you know, excellence and in craft.”

Created in 1979, Paradis blends more than 200 different cognacs that have been aged for up to over a century. Today the brand is owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton and Diageo.

This isn’t Alicia first global campaign with a brand, in 2021 she expanded her global partnership with Mercedes-Benz.



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