Nas and Hennessy Celebrate Hip-Hop With 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottle

Hennessy celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop by partnering with Nas to release an exclusive Hennessy V.S bottle.

The duo’s limited-edition Hennessy bottle is a love letter to hip-hop and is portrayed with a hand-written note by Nas. The aged label boasts trademark branding and Nas’ face alongside orange, white, and black splotches. Finally, the boxed packaging dons spirited “HenNASsy” lettering with NYC-inspired graffiti art accents.

“Hennessy has been an undeniable mainstay in Hip Hop, intricately woven into the fabric of the genre and its global influence for decades,” said Jasmin Allen, senior vice president of Hennessy U.S.A. in press details.

Nas partnered with Bronx-native photographer Renell Medrano for a film meant to serve as the rapper’s “love letter” to hip-hop, with imagery of the Hennessy limited-edition bottle riddled throughout. Check out the viral video above.

The Nas x Hennessy V.S bottle will be available to purchase in July 2023 at select retailers worldwide.

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